Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Do you have a dull-looking fabric couch at home? Avail of our fabric sofa cleaning services in Melbourne!

Fabric upholsteries are among the top choices of residents as these come in different colours and patterns. However, fabric couches absorb a lot of dirt, bacteria, odour and so on which degrades the beauty of your couches. Furthermore, cleaning fabric couches is not an easy job as the different fabric needs to be cleaned using a unique cleaning approach. For, this it is highly recommended to rely on fabric couch cleaning Melbourne experts!

Fabric Sofa Cleaning
Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Have Dirty Couches at Home? Rely on Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning for Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services Melbourne!

You can easily find dirt, stains and odour problems in your fabric couches, and understand that it is difficult to clean all by yourself. Here, you can trust the fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne team for the job! Our experts are proficient in cleaning all kinds of upholstery fabrics ensuring you get the best possible cleaning results!

Our Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Process

There are various types of upholstery fabrics available in the market, and thus it is important to identify the fabric type so it can be cleaned using the appropriate technique. Our fabric upholstery cleaners understand your concern and hence offer the most suitable upholstery cleaning services across Melbourne.

For cleaning your fabric couches, we follow the detailed steps which are mentioned below:

Stain Treatment  

Initially, your couches are thoroughly inspected so stains and spots can be identified and treated. We use specialised stain treatment for removing tough and old stains from your couches.


Using hot water extraction or steam cleaning method your fabric upholsteries are thoroughly cleaned. We make sure to reach every corner and crevice of your furniture.


Upholstery Drying 

After completing the cleaning process, we make sure to remove all the moisture content from the upholstery fabric. We use a powerful moisture extraction machine to reduce the couch drying time!

Final Inspection  

We carefully examine your couches to check if it is thoroughly cleaned. We promise 100% guaranteed results and maximum customer satisfaction!

Professional Upholstery Cleaner
Professional Upholstery Cleaner

What Makes Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning Different?

We offer exemplary fabric sofa cleaning services Melbourne and that too at economical prices. In addition to having a team of highly qualified professionals we also use modern techniques and reliable methods of cleaning your valuable couches. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive couch cleaning services across Melbourne and its neighbouring areas.

We understand how difficult it is to clean fabric couches at home especially when you lack the proper resources, skills and equipment. However, with our professional fabric couch cleaning Melbourne services, you can keep your couches safe, clean and bacteria-free for a long time! We promise prompt, reliable and guaranteed services of fabric upholstery cleaning in Melbourne!

We Clean Different Types of Fabric Upholsteries

Finding a wide range of upholstery fabric is not difficult, however, taking care of them is! That’s why for the benefit of your upholsteries, we offer the following services:

White Cotton & Linen Upholstery

White-coloured cotton and linen upholstery demand care and precision. These are natural fibres and can easily get stained and soiled.

Patterned Linen and Cotton Fabric

Colourful and patterned linen and cotton fabrics are popularly used by homeowners around the world. These fabrics are usually more durable and hence can be cleaned using the hot water extraction method.

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Services
Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Services

Synthetic Fabrics

These are commonly used as synthetic fibres and are more durable. However, these fabrics can easily start browning and hence require professional fabric sofa cleaning services Melbourne!

Don’t let your fabric couches tarnish the looks of your living room! Call Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning today at (+61) 482074715 and get your appointment scheduled!