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Sofa Stain Protection

Do Stains Destroy the Look of Your Upholstery? Need Not To Panic Call Our Professional……!!!

The upholstery is used by approximately everyone in today world and people use them to maintain their image and good impression in front of other people. Stains are among the things that are common and can easily cause to your upholstery. Don’t worry our upholstery stain protection services can help you in this case.

Sofa Stain Protection
Sofa Stain Protection

Do Stains Irritate You? Hire Our Services for the Same

Stains are among those things that can easily irritate you as they do not look good on your upholstery devices. In that case, you need to go for the upholstery stain protection to get rid of these irritating stains easily. Our professional can help you with the same purpose of protecting your sofa from the stains.

Process Applied by Our Experts

Our experts use the proper process for the upholstery stain protection in your house. Thus, we carry the procedure sequence wise and provide effective results to our customers. Thus, here is our customised process that is carried by the professional of our company.

Pre-Inspection and Pre-Vacuum

The professional upholstery cleaners of our company inspect the fabric of the upholstery and ensure which method is wise to use. Then, we go for thorough vacuuming of the fabric of the sofa to remove the dust and particles as much as possible. This process mainly helps in extracting the surface material and loosen the under material to make the further process easy for the cleaners.

Sofa Stain Removal
Sofa Stain Removal

Colorfastness Test

Secondly, our experts test the fabric of the sofa for colorfastness. This is done with the help of the small patch test and does not affect the upholstery of your house.

Pre-conditioning of Fabric

We smoothed the fabric of the sofa with the help of the fabric conditioner. This helps to loosen all the dirt and grime which gets stuck to the fabric and the extraction of those materials becomes very easy for the professional.

Extraction of Soil and Mud

The suspended soil that becomes loose after the process of pre-conditioning of the fabric is cleaned thoroughly by the Professional Upholstery Cleaners of our company. Our experts groom the fabric with the help of the various types of brushes in multiple directions for distillation of the dirt to get collected.


Most of the stains get removed by the time our cleaners reach this process. However, we search for the hidden stains with the help of the professional spotting in the concerned areas. In addition, we treat the spots with the help of the effective solution for removing the stain present on your sofa.

Fabric Protection

We infuse and rinse the fabric of the sofa in the professional fabric protective liquid for avoiding any damage. This helps to lengthen the life of the fabric of your sofa.

Fabric Sofa Protection
Fabric Sofa Protection

Speed Dry

Our experts use the high-velocity and effectual air movers for drying the fabric of the sofa. Air-dryers can decrease the time of drying for zapping out the moisture from the fabric of your sofa. In addition, this service also helps to serve our customers for better and faster service.

Final Inspection

This step is the last and the best step used by the professional. At last our experts examine your sofa thoroughly and treat them effectively. We offer guaranteed services to our customers for the effective cleaning of the sofa.

Importance of Upholstery Cleaning in Your House

You may often overlook the upholstery whenever it comes to the cleaning of your upholstery as they need time for the proper Upholstery Cleaning. You can make your upholstery dirty by the filth, grime as well as pollutants and harmful contaminants. In addition, the upholstery which is not cleaned can be a house for the bacteria, allergens, mould, dust and many other pollutants. These pollutants will result in making your family sick and unhealthy.

Here are Some Reasons you Can Consider for The Upholstery Stain Protection.

  • Clean and better appearance of your house
  • Improves the health of your family
  • Provides superior air quality to breathe
  • It does not create foul odor and smell
  • It enhances the fabric and protects it from damage
  • It provides you clean and sparkling upholstery
  • You can get the microfiber cleaned upholstery

We at Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning understand that the stain can cause much amount of problem to you and your family. You can choose to hire our company for the process of upholstery stain protection in your house. There are various benefits that can be availed by you while hiring our company for the same purpose.

Upholstery Stain Protection
Upholstery Stain Protection

Benefits of Hiring Our Company

  • We have all the licensed and well-trained technicians to carry the procedure of upholstery stain protection.
  • We excel in providing quick delivery to our customers
  • The experts of our company work with full dedication for you.
  • In Addition, our products are eco-friendly and do not harm anyone
  • We work with the aim of providing full satisfaction to our customers
  • Guaranteed Results are our Main Aim