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    Reliable and Affordable Upholstery Cleaning Service in Perth

    Upholstery is the first thing you notice about anyone’s house, office, or any other space. Couches, lounges, sofas, chairs, ottomans, and love seats – a Perth property can have so much upholstered furniture. These can make and break your first impression and, in the case of commercial properties, can influence your reputation. As you can see, you can’t afford to dirty such a vital thing in your house or office. But how will you keep it clean? With our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Perth Service, of course!

    Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning is one of the leading upholstery cleaners in Perth. We have been in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years, which has allowed us to understand the art of upholstery cleaning. Our licensed team of technicians are certified, skilled and innovative. They are known to give you on-the-spot treatment for any unforeseen problems that may arise during treatment. More importantly, not only do they clean sofas, but they also work on tiles, ducts, and carpets. Our vast range of services enables us to cater to upholsteries in all residential and commercial properties in Perth.

    Our techniques have been honed over the years to give your upholstery the best results. We enhance these methods with our industry-grade tools and eco-friendly products. Our cleaning methods, expertise and skills ensure that your sofa starts looking clean, fresh, and spotless!

    To make your upholstery cleaning experience smooth and beneficial, we offer you a variety of features. For example, to answer your queries and concerns, our team is available for you 24/7. Or, if you need us to clean your couch within the hour, you can book an Emergency Upholstery Cleaning Perth appointment. Moreover, if you want to learn about our rates before hiring us, you can ask for a free-of-cost quotation for the desired service. These features have become some of the many attractive points of our company, with our clientele attesting to the same.

    If you want to avoid the harmful effects of a dirty couch, it is time to reach out to us at 0482 074 715 to talk with our friendly team!


    Risks of having dirty upholstery on your Perth properties

    Everyone knows the effects of dirty upholstery. It looks unappealing, can be damaged from the inside, and decreases lifespan. But did you know the potential health risks a dirty sofa packs? Our Perth Upholstery Cleaning Experts list a few:


    Allergy symptoms:

    The dirt and dust on the sofa can get pumped into the air, and in turn, into your lungs. Not only does this worsen indoor air quality, but it also triggers your allergic responses. You can experience sneezing, coughing, and runny nose, as well as a throat infection, exhaustion, and itching.



    Cleanliness makes you lively and energetic, and vice versa. Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder that dirty upholstery can contribute to your stress levels. In reality, though, you won’t even notice you’re getting stressed until something happens to make you explode. This stress will disappear as soon as you get your couch professionally cleaned.



    The pollutants on an uncleaned couch can harm your skin in many ways. Redness, rashes, itching, and sometimes, even swelling. Along with skin infections, you can also get stomach infections. How? By picking up anything from your upholstery and eating it. It is more common with children, so look out for their health too with our safe Upholstery Cleaning Perth Service.

    Thankfully, all these health issues are perfectly avoidable with our expert cleaning. All you must do is reach out to us to book an appointment!

    Why is professional upholstery cleaning Perth important?

    You may think using home remedies and DIY solutions is much better than hiring Professional Upholstery Perth Cleaners. But professional help is not only essential but much needed if you want to make your upholstery look brand new!


    Get rid of health risks:

    With our eco-safe cleaning processes, we get rid of the underlying health hazards without affecting your health in any way. So, you can forget your allergy responses, infections, and stress with us. The methods we use also ensure that the quality of the indoor air is restored.


    Increase your upholstery’s lifespan:

    When you let your couch remain dirty for a long time, it affects its longevity. If you don’t clean it professionally, you will have to replace it sooner than you expected. However, once you hire us, we will work to improve the condition of your sofa and keep it with you for a long period.


    Make your sofa appear lively and fresh:

    Dirty things look lifeless and uninviting, especially upholstery. You can clean it by yourself, but it will only give you temporary results. On the other hand, our experts use the perfect techniques to make your sofa clean and fresh.

    Now that you know why getting your upholstery professionally cleaned is important, it is time to reach out to us! You can call us to book our appointment, get a service estimate or even clear your doubts.

    Our Upholstery Cleaning Perth process

    We are successful in cleaning hundreds and thousands of upholsteries in Perth because of our superior cleaning process. It is strategic, efficient, and highly flexible. You can find out about it here:


    Pre-treatment assessment:

    We thoroughly inspect your upholstery as soon as we arrive on your Perth property. This helps us confirm the information you provided and make our own detailed observations.



    Our treatment is a carefully crafted process that increases the efficiency of our personalised service. It involves a few steps which are vital in cleaning any sofa:


    Dirty upholstery always shows a fine layer of dirt and dust particles. So, our foremost step is to take care of this loose dirt using an industry-grade vacuum. This helps us to access the stains even more easily.


     In case of your sofa has stains, we use effective stain removers to treat them immediately. We work on all stains, no matter if they are recent or months old.


    Our team then gears up to clean the couch with the help of our efficient cleaning methods. We first conduct a fibre test to see what your sofa is more suited for – steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Only after confirming do we proceed with our method.


    We give equal importance to cleaning and drying. As a result, we give your upholstery enough time to dry out on its own before doing anything else. If you need to use it quickly, we bring in our efficient drying machines to speed up the process.


    The last step of our treatment is to deodorise your lounge to remove the stench it may be emitting. It also helps in making the couch feel and smell fresh.


    Post-treatment inspection:

    Our Upholstery Cleaning Perth Experts only leave the premises after double-checking the couch. We ensure that our process is working and that we haven’t missed anything. Only when you also approve do we leave the couch in your capable hands.

    Don’t know how to take care of your upholstery after our treatment? Not to worry! Our team provides helpful tips and advice to keep your upholstery as clean and tidy as possible.

    Services provided by Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning

    Customer satisfaction is the top priority for our company. As a result, we provide many services that cover all kinds of dirty upholsteries. You can book an appointment for any of these as per your needs:


    Sofa Stain Protection Perth

    Sofas can get stains from anything – from food and drinks to accidental vomits. While it is better if you treat these spills right away, sometimes they seep into the fabric and become stains. These marks are seemingly permanent, stubborn to remove, and decrease the appeal of your sofa. Thus, if you need a spotless couch, you must call our experts for Sofa Stain Protection Perth!

    While stain treatment is one of the steps in our upholstery cleaning process, we also offer a service only to treat your spills. No matter the type of upholstery your stain is on, we treat it all. Protecting your sofa from stains usually requires immediate help, which is why we offer Emergency Sofa Stain Perth Removal. Our experts also provide a few tips to help keep your sofa stain-free for a long time.


    Lounge Cleaning Services Perth

    Lounges are one of the most impressive upholstery, gracing houses, offices, and public places with their presence. But since it’s longer than sofas or couches, it has more people using it, and, in turn, dirtying it. A dirty lounge can give you and all the people around them health issues. Thus, it is not a good idea to keep your lounge stewing in its dirt for a long time. Fortunately, you can make your lounge safer with our Lounge Cleaning Services Perth.

    Our team is full of experts who have complete knowledge about cleaning lounges. We also use non-toxic products to treat dirt, stains, and odour so that even the process is safer for you. In case your lounge looks dull, we also offer a restoration process that helps restore its original charm. This service is great for any Perth lounge owner, as it is efficient, high-quality, and affordable.


    Fabric Sofa Cleaning Perth

    Fabric sofas are a treat to have on your Perth property. And if cleaned regularly, it will adorn your house or office for a long period. But this won’t be the result if you only rely on DIY solutions. In fact, you may try to clean your fabric sofa with the tips you find in your research. But these home remedies won’t succeed in giving you what our Fabric Sofa Cleaning Perth Service promises.

    Our cleaning process is suitable for all kinds of fabric, may it be linen, polyester or cotton. Moreover, we work to give your fabric upholstery a complete treatment, from vacuuming to odour and stain removal. If you need to tidy your fabric sofa immediately, we also offer same day service for all our Perth residents. We work diligently to make your fabric sofa look brand new in the shortest time possible.


    Leather Upholstery Cleaning Perth

    Leather is one of the common materials to have on your upholstery. But most Perth residents don’t understand that cleaning this fabric is twice as tricky. If you don’t know the proper way to clean leather upholstery, you may end up damaging it even more. In case you have pets around, your fur baby can leave scratches, hair, and pet dander on it. You can avoid this unfortunate event by hiring our Leather Upholstery Cleaning Perth Experts.

    We assess your leather upholstery to make sure what type of cleaning it can handle. Then, we treat the stains and dirt before applying our efficient cleaning methods. All our products are chemical-free and high-quality so that no harm reaches you and your family. We also use effective techniques to take care of the damage left by your pets.


    Other services

    If you think we only treat lounges, sofas, and couches, you are wrong. Our expertise covers other upholsteries too, such as carpets and mattresses. In addition, we also give professional transformation to grimy tiles and stuffy ducts. You can request any of these services whenever you need them. Our team ensures to give the best cleaning experience to all Perth residents.

    Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Service in Perth

    We understand that you may need professional help to clean your upholstery urgently. As a result, we offer all our customers Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Perth Service! When you book us for this service, we will arrive at your Perth property in record time. Though it depends on your location, our team ensures that we reach yours within the hour of your call. We carry out our process in a similar manner as we will with regular appointments. Our team works quickly but without compromising on quality and efficiency.

    But if you are unsure why you’d need same day service, let us give you a few reasons! It just so happens that you have guests suddenly coming over when it is your cleaning day. Or maybe the clients you’ve been meaning to connect with have finally agreed to meet up at your office. These people are going to see your dirty couch and make their first impressions. Not only that but they will also be subjected to the health risks that dirty sofa holds. We advise you to call our Upholstery Cleaning Perth Experts to avoid such situations.

    Make your upholstery safe and life-long with us!

    The dirt, debris, and pollutants can have some long- effects on your upholstery:

    • It can experience seemingly permanent damage.
    • It can look dull and lifeless, no matter how much you clean it.
    • If you don’t get professional help, you will have to say goodbye to your sofa sooner.

    Do you want to keep your lounge healthy and maintain it for a long time? Our professional Upholstery Cleaning Perth service will help you with that!

    We have a team of licensed experts who know how to make the upholstery damage vanish quickly. Our cleaning techniques make sure to protect your couch from any kind of dirt. This, in turn, promises your sofa’s longevity. In addition to protecting your upholstery, we also look into safeguarding your and your loved ones’ health. As a result, we only use eco-safe products and industry-grade tools to work on your sofa.

    With us, you will always get a service that is quick, safe, efficient and beneficial to you in every way!

    Affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Perth

    Most Perth residents don’t realise that upholstery cleaning being expensive is a myth. How, you may ask? Because Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning offers reasonable rates for each of our services. May it be a worn-out leather couch or a stain-filled fabric sofa, our service is as efficient as it is affordable.

    We generally use a few deciding factors to determine our charges. Some of these are:

    • Type and material of upholstery.
    • The number of the upholstery.
    • Amount of damage.
    • Service you require.
    • Work and travel fees.

    This is the formula we use to determine what you will be paying. However, not only do we mould the service to your needs, but we also make sure that the rates are budget friendly.

    Upholstery Details Regular Service (Fabric)

    (Steam Cleaning)

    Premium Service (Leather)

    (Steam Cleaning + Stain Protection)

    2-Seater Sofa $60 $72*
    3-Seater Sofa $72* $84*
    4-Seater Couch $95* $13-*
    Armchair $22* $42*
    Dining Chair $18* $20*
    L – Shaped 4-seater sofa $99* $135*
    Office Chair $88* $99*
    Dining Chairs $27* $40*
    Car Upholstery $75* $150*
    Scotch Guard Protector $12* per seat $15* per seat
    Minimum Charge $95 (or 1 Hour) Minimum Charge $125 (or 1 Hour)
    *Terms & Conditions may apply. Extra cost for Upholstery Scotchgard Protection.

    You can find out if you afford it by requesting free-of-cost quotations for our services. This tool comes in handy when you want to make an informed decision about hiring our Affordable Upholstery Cleaning Perth Service.

    When is the right time to call Professional Upholstery Perth Cleaners?

    There is no fixed or right time to book an appointment with our upholstery cleaning service. But if you want to determine when your couch needs our help, here are a few signs:

    • If you have recently spilled on your sofa, it is much better to get it cleaned by the Professional Upholstery Cleaning Perth Experts. Why? It’s because some of the spills can become permanent stains if not removed right away. We use the right cleaning processes to ensure it doesn’t set in forever. After all, no one wants a couch full of stains!
    • If your upholstery looks drab and lifeless, it may be because it is full of dirt, dust and pollutants. When you opt for professional service, the experts ensure that the couch is clean and, thus, looks lively and fresh.
    • If your couch looks stain-free and clean but hasn’t been professionally cleaned in years, you must call the experts. Working on your sofa by yourself does guarantee cleaning, but the results will be temporary. On the other hand, we can give it a deep clean and make it healthier for you to use.
    • If you are planning to clean the whole house or office, you can get your upholstery cleaned at the same time! It is a great way to remove all the dirt and germs from your lounge as well as your entire place. You can also hire our experts for mattress, tiles, and Carpet Cleaning Perth Services.

    Now that you know when is the right time to call us, don’t hesitate to reach out to our efficient Perth Upholstery Cleaning Service!

    Why must you choose Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning?

    Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning is one of the most trustworthy Upholstery Cleaning Services in Perth. We have succeeded in becoming this reliable because of the way we function. Some of our features are:


    Expert staff:

    We pride ourselves on having a professional, skilled, and friendly team. Our cleaners are the best in the industry, chosen for their skills and talent. Besides our cleaning specialists, our staff is just as smart, polite and ready to help you whenever you want.


    Eco-safe cleaning process:

    Our cleaning processes are what makes us unique in Perth. We only use environment-friendly products and high-quality tools that protect your family’s health and clean efficiently at the same time. Our team pair these solutions with our skills, efficient methods, and innovative work ethic.


    Guaranteed results:

    You opt for professional services because they give you the guarantee of positive results. Not only do we promise it, but we deliver it effectively! You can check the reviews of our happy customers and before-after images to confirm just the same.


    Reasonable rates:

    Our service is highly efficient yet just as affordable. We have kept our prices reasonable to suit any of our customers, whether or not they have a tight budget. Our team guarantees you that you will not find such an affordable yet effective service in Perth ever.


    Customer satisfaction:

    We believe in making our Upholstery Cleaning Perth Service as customer friendly as possible. As a result, you will find features such as emergency and same day service, round-the-clock customer support and insurance. Many of our clients have become our regulars because of these benefits!

    Before and After Images


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you clean upholstery that cannot be washed?
    Ans. Many upholstery fabrics, such as velvet, silk, and leather, cannot be cleaned with water. So, if you have upholstery that is not washable by water, we dry clean it. The tools and solutions used in this process are industry-grade, which lets us treat your lounge just as effectively.

    What is included in your Sofa Cleaning Perth Service?
    Ans. Our sofa cleaning process is strategic and includes everything related to the said upholstery. Thus, along with removing the dirt, we also treat stains, odours, and cracks. We also take our time to completely dry out your sofa so that you get to use it as soon as possible. The last step in our upholstery cleaning is to provide tips that will help you maintain your newly-cleaned sofa.

    How do I keep the fabric sofa in my Perth office clean and fresh?
    Ans. Our experts advise you to take measures to protect your fabric sofa from getting dirty. These are vacuuming regularly, treating spills before they become stains, and cleaning according to the given cleaning codes. These little steps will help keep your upholstery clean and fresh for a long time.

    Does the Steam Cleaning Sofa Perth process get rid of smells?
    Ans. Steam cleaning uses copious amounts of water to remove the dirt and dust on the sofa. It achieves so by loosening the fibre and killing all the bacteria, including the ones causing the smell. So, not only is this process best for cleaning your couch, but also it helps in removing the stench. You can reach out to us for an efficient Steam Cleaning Perth Service.

    Why does the leather couch in my Perth house has cracks?
    Ans. Leather is a naturally porous material. So, it can easily absorb the spills as well as sweat, dirt, and oils from your body. These liquids damage your couch’s top coating so much that it breaks down. As a result, your leather sofa experiences noticeable cracks on the surface. If you want to get rid of them, call our Upholstery Cleaning Perth Experts for an efficient treatment.