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    Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

    Upholstery cleaning is not just about vacuuming the sofa and calling it a day. In fact, there are more unknown nuances to it. For example, did you know that upholstery comes in different fabrics, all of which need different methods of cleaning? Or are you aware that a deep cleaning session is essential for your brand-new couch because it arrives at your house full of chemicals? There are just so many things you have to keep in mind while cleaning your lounge that it may overwhelm you. Thus, this task is best left to the Professional Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Service!

    Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning is one of the most sought-after services in Sydney. We have been providing our top-notch services for many years and, thus, have long since perfected the art of cleaning. It is possible for us because of our expert team members, all of whom are trained in dealing with all kinds of upholstery. In addition to giving your couch a fresh treatment, we also help them with your many queries and offer tips on how to take care of your upholstery. Our customers have only spoken good things about our team – and that is enough proof of our passion and hard work.

    We care about the health of you and your loved ones. As a result, our cleaning processes are exclusively eco-friendly and toxin-free. So, along with removing all the dirt, germs and pollutants from your lounge, our Sydney Upholstery Cleaning experts also ensure to safeguard you.

    We enhance our service even more by offering tons of features that you’ll get nowhere else. Some of these are 24/7 availability to help you connect with us anytime; Emergency Upholstery Cleaning Sydney for those who need an urgent cleaning session; and innovative cleaning methods to suit your couch needs. Moreover, our service caters to upholstery in residential and commercial areas. As a result, our ever-growing clientele is filled with homemakers, business owners, and shopkeepers.

    You can reap all these benefits too! All you must do is hire our experts to take care of your dirty upholstery.


    Why Couch Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney is Important

    Upholstery is one of the most utilised furniture pieces on your property. After all, you sit on it, lie down, and even have food on it sometimes. Even pets love to take a nap on soft couches all the time. In spite of such heavy usage, many Sydney residents think they can keep their sofas tidy through light cleaning. But that is quite the opposite of what our Couch Cleaning Sydney Experts will say.

    Sydney is prone to bushfires and other climate factors that diminish the air quality. Adding a dirty couch in the mix is only going to worsen indoor air quality. How so? Because a sofa accumulates all kinds of dirt over time, from dead skin and dirt to dust and germs. These particles also affect the air and cause a lot of health issues. While DIY solutions can make your sofa look tidy, only Professional Couch Cleaning Sydney Services can make the dirt vanish. Our cleaning processes also help restore the quality of indoor air and make your breathing easier and healthier.

    Another thing home remedies can’t take care of is stains and odour. Whether the upholstery is in the office or your house, these two are inevitable. The solutions you will employ will only have a temporary effect. On the other hand, our cleaning specialists also help make the stains and odour disappear for good. More importantly, professional cleaning also protects your upholstery from getting easily dirty. This, in turn, prolongs your couch’s lifespan.

    Now that you know the importance of the Professional Couch Cleaning Service, hire us to make your upholstery as good as new!


    Steps/Process Involved in Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

    We achieve a flawless outcome every time because of our strategic cleaning process. It involves certain steps that help us be proactive and alert about what we are dealing with. You can learn about our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney process here:



    Our first and foremost step is to inspect the upholstery we will clean. We note down a few things, such as the fabric type, the condition it is in, and the number of sofas. We also scan the given special care rules and what treatment you wanted us for.


    Stain treatment:

    Stains are common on upholstery. That is why we first treat them before using our cleaning processes to loosen these marks. Our stain-removing agents are as efficient as they are non-toxic and work their charm in a matter of minutes.


    Upholstery cleaning:

    Based on your preferences and our observations, we decide which method is the most suitable for your upholstery. Our most effective techniques are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. These methods help in extracting all the particles and stains from your couch.


    Drying and deodorising:

    We end our Fabric Sofa Cleaning Sydney service with a quality drying process. Our experts let it dry naturally – or use industry-grade air dryers to speed up the process. We also get rid of the odour by using effective deodorisers.


    Final inspection:

    Our team gives your sofa one last check before deeming it clean and free to use. We also give you helpful advice to maintain your upholstery properly.

    Different Upholstery Cleaning Methods

    Our Lounge Cleaning Sydney Experts employ some commonly used methods in their cleaning processes. However, we give it our own twist to make them safer, more efficient and long-lasting.


    Steam Cleaning Sydney:

    Steam Cleaning is one of the best ways to freshen up your sofa. This method uses hot water that is high-pressure to create steam. This moisture then seeps into the fabric of your couch and pulls out every loose dirt particle hidden in it. Admittedly, it takes a lot of time to dry out, but the effects are worth it.

    In case you’re worried about using steam near your leather, we assure you that this method works for this material. Our advanced cleaning machines let us control the steam, which helps clean the leather while protecting the material’s quality.


    Dry Cleaning Sydney:

    Dry cleaning works best with fabrics that are delicate and can’t handle too much water or steam. In this method, after treating the stains, we spray your upholstery with high-quality dry-cleaning agents. This solution is released at high pressure to help get rid of dirt and debris hidden in the fabric. Then we run our industry-grade cleaning machines to clean the remaining pollutants and solvent residue. We seal this process off with a good deodoriser to make your sofa look fresh.
    Dry cleaning is more suited for people who want a quicker Leather Sofa Cleaning Sydney service with equally effective results.

    Signs Your Furniture Requires Upholstery Cleaning

    The signs of the couch being dirty are plenty but very subtle. As a result, our Sofa Cleaning Sydney Experts have compiled a list of signs that will let you know that you need to get your upholstery professionally cleaned.

    • While stains are common, having upholstery that has more stains than clean patches are a big deal. Not only is it a big deal, but it is also a sign that you need professional help from Lounge Cleaning Services Sydney.
    • If your office lounge or house living area is well-ventilated yet suddenly smells funky, it’s your couch emitting that odour. Inspect if your couch gives off an unpleasant stench to know if you want experts to clean your upholstery.
    • A dirty couch robs the freshness and appeal of the upholstery. So, if your sofa still looks dull and lifeless after cleaning, chances are your upholstery needs a deep cleaning session with our experts.
    • Couches and sofas attract pet hair, dander, and dust – all of which contribute to flaring up allergy symptoms. Thus, if you notice yourself suddenly sneezing or exhibiting other symptoms, you must immediately call Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning.
    • Pet hair gets everywhere – on the woollen cushions, in the drapes, and on the fabric sofa. A noticeable amount of pet grime on your upholstery is a tell-tale sign that it needs expert cleaning assistance.

    Benefits of Booking Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

    Hiring our experts as they come with a lot of benefits that you will never get from DIY solutions or home remedies. Some of these are:

    • We help you combat germs and allergens with our efficient cleaning processes. Our service will ensure the safety of your health for a long time.
    • Our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Specialists are dedicated and thorough. As a result, not only do we clean the upholstery, but we also treat stains, odour, and dullness.
    • No upholstery is similar to the other. Thus, we personalise our services so that it fits what your upholstery requires.
    • Our service is as efficient as it is affordable. Hiring our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Services promises you quality cleaning without going over your budget.

    Upholstery cleaning in Sydney – how it works

    We make your upholstery shine with a strategic and effective process. Once you book the appointment, we will arrive at your Sydney doorstep in a short time. Our first step is to inspect your couch and assess the damage. We use different tests and approaches to note down some clear observations. On top of that, our experts also keep in mind your requirements. For example, some of you may need deep cleaning, while the rest could require a spot-on stain removal treatment as well.

    Our expert cleaners waste no time in getting down to clean your upholstery. We use professional tools and products to complement our skills. The result is clean, fresh-looking upholstery that will stay like that for a longer time than you expect.

    One of the unique things about us is that we give you information about our work. Our experts sit down with you to explain our process at the start of the treatment. We also leave you with plenty of tips that are more than helpful in taking care of your upholstery.

    Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Sydney

    Upholstery cleaning is very different from other furniture. Firstly, it comes in a number of fabrics, different shapes and sizes, and has different manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Add the type of cleaning process, service charge, and the cost of additional treatments if you request any. The list of deciding factors of the total cost is long, which is why people think professional cleaning is expensive. But we beg to differ!

    As one of the most reliable Lounge Cleaning Services Sydney, we are proud to say that you can trust us with both of your assets – upholstery and money. We understand that some of you may have a tight budget, which is why we have kept our prices affordable for everyone. If you don’t believe us, you can always request a quote on any of our services, and that too, for free! Reach out to us to know more.

    Upholstery Care Tips

    Don’t know how to take care of your sofa? Don’t worry! We are here to solve that problem with our expert tips. These are great for keeping your upholstery clean and healthy for everyone.

    • Direct sunlight has a number of harmful effects on your upholstery. It fades the material, makes the cushions dull, and in the case of vinyl sofa, causes cracks in it. You don’t want that to happen to your precious lounge, do you? Keep your upholstery pieces away from direct sunlight, or at least use curtains to block out most of them.
    • Vacuuming your upholstery only when it looks dirty or whenever you remember – that is wrong! On the other hand, using a vacuum cleaner regularly will keep it cleaner and safer for a longer time. Our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Experts advise you to do so once in two weeks for the best results.
    • Don’t be lazy about cleaning up the spills on your upholstery. Most of these things can leave permanent damage on your couch, which will be visible to you as stains. So, clean up any and all spills, even if you have other pressing matters to attend to. Doing so will ensure that you won’t have a stain-filled sofa down the road.

    Lastly, one of the most important care tips is to call professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Sydney Services to clean your upholstery.

    Leather Sofa Cleaning Sydney

    Cleaning something made of leather is comparatively a much more delicate process. Thus, if you need help with how to proceed, you can rely on Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning! Our experts employ a thorough process that makes sure your upholstery is getting cleaned while also protecting the material. For this, our first step is to do a test run before applying the treatment.
    We then use gentle, efficient and eco-friendly products and solutions to bring out the best results. Our specialists also apply leather protectors, rejuvenators, and other deodorisers to make your leather sofa look as if it was never dirty in the first place!
    Leather doesn’t get stained as easily, but once it retains stains, it can only be removed by our professional cleaning. You can hire our experts to get rid of the stains, make your leather couch look cleaner and restore its appeal.

    Residential upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery furniture is found in every other room in residential properties in Sydney. A couch in the bedroom, the leather sofa in the living room, the upholstered chairs of the dining table – upholstery is everywhere. But these are also prone to get dirty and damaged twice as quickly. If you have children or pets, the rate at which upholstery gets dirty is unusually quick. So, if you are not able to handle this cleaning all by yourself, call Residential Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney.

    Many residents think that expert service is all about high prices and chemical-filled cleaning. But our experts can assure you that these are just myths. We say so because we offer eco-friendly cleaning at an affordable price. Our skilled cleaners also give you tips and suggestions on how to keep your upholstery clean and fresh for a long time.

    Commercial couch cleaning

    When one thinks of an office setting, the picture is full of upholstered chairs, couches by the walls, and sofas. That’s how vital upholstery is in a commercial setting. This furniture, however, is used a lot, and that too by many people, which is why it gets dirty quickly. Moreover, you just can’t clean these during office hours, and that leaves the cleaning duty on holidays or after everyone has gone home. But why go through so much trouble when you can hire our experts?

    Since dirty upholstery can make or break your first impression, we also offer Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney. Our experts are alert and efficient in applying cleaning treatments to your office furniture. We also move quickly not to disturb the functioning of your workplace. By the end of our treatment, you will be looking at clean and fresh-looking upholstery that will protect your reputation!

    Upholstery mould removal

    Mould grows on any kind of surface, from cardboard and tiles to pipes and even upholstery. This fungus only grows in an area that holds a lot of moisture. Thus, if you have upholstery that is showing noticeable signs of mould, it should be cleaned immediately to stop any further damage. Why? Because mould infestation emits an unpleasant smell and is a health risk. Moreover, it leads to a number of allergy symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, and a feeling of restlessness.

    You may remove the mould, but what guarantees it hasn’t already seeped into the sofa? Fortunately, you can find that out with our top-notch Upholstery Mould Removal Service in Sydney. We use strategic methods to deal with the mould on your upholstery. Our experts make sure to altogether remove this fungus without letting it affect anything else. We also take special measures that help keep mould away from your upholstery for a long period.

    What Makes Us a Great Choice for Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney?

    We have been cleaning the upholsteries of Sydney residents for more than 20 years. Over this period, we have taken every step to become one of the top five Upholstery Cleaning Services in Sydney. So, if you have a dirty couch that needs to be cleaned, here are some reasons why we would be a great choice for you:


    Skilled cleaning specialists:

    At Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning, we only get technicians who are the best at their job. Thus, you will find our team to be full of experts who are certified and trained. They know the ins and outs of upholstery cleaning and can come up with on-the-spot solutions for sudden problems. Their knowledge and work ethic has proven to impress each customer of ours, some of whom have become our regular clients.


    Innovative and safe cleaning methods:

    We only use cleaning methods we have tried and tested to give you the most seamless cleaning experience. Our team enhances these methods with the use of high-quality solutions. In fact, not only do we use effective products and tools, but we also make sure they are eco-friendly and chemical-free. With these precautions, we ensure a safe and efficient cleaning for everyone involved.


    Demonstrated history of positive results:

    Our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney specialists are friendly, efficient, and quick. But more importantly, we always deliver promised outcomes every single time. There has been no failed session to this date, and we strive hard to maintain our history of positive results. You can check our reviews and proofs to verify the same.


    Utmost importance to the customers:

    We put our customers above everything, which is why our service is designed to cater to your every need. Thus, we offer personalised cleaning treatments, affordable prices, round-the-clock customer support, and same-day bookings. Keeping our approach customer-centric has helped us understand what you need from us. In turn, we use this knowledge to further better our service!


    Fully secure service:

    A bonded and insured company is one of the most common ways to tell if the company is legitimate or not. And we are! We have made ourselves reliable by offering a bonded and insured service. Though this seldom happens, in case something goes wrong during the treatment from our side, we take care of it. Our insurance will cover all the damage caused during the cleaning.

    Thanks to our experience, expert team, and innovative service, we have long since become one of the most Trustworthy Upholstery Cleaning Services in Sydney.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to clean a couch in Sydney?
    Ans. The cost of cleaning a sofa in your Sydney home or office may depend on the type of fabric and your requirements. So, if you want to have an exact estimate, reach out to us for a free quotation.

    Do Steam Cleaning Sydney Service leave upholstery wet?
    Ans. Steam Cleaning is a process that requires a large amount of water, so it is inevitable that your upholstery will be a little damp. But our cleaning specialists take the responsibility to dry out the couch to remove the dampness and make it dry, fresh and clean.

    What do Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning Professionals use to clean upholstery?
    Ans. We choose our products and tools according to the service you want and the upholstery we need to clean. But be assured that our team only works with industry-grade products and environmentally safe solutions.

    Can you clean my worn upholstered chairs in my Sydney office?
    Ans. Yes. We offer Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Service, which enables us to clean any upholstered furniture in your office. So, not only can we clean and freshen up your worn upholstered chair, but we also work on office lounges.

    How long does it take upholstery to dry after cleaning?
    Ans. Usually, upholstery takes somewhere between 3-5 hours to completely dry out after cleaning. But our Lounge Cleaning Services Sydney experts understand that you may need to use your upholstery sooner. Thus, we use efficient dryers to help speed up the process. If the room is well-ventilated, the lounge will take even lesser time to dry.